5 days ago

KETO Lunch


Today I'm eating 1/2 an avocado, mushroom and Thai ground chicken. It's simple..... but for me in the beginning I find that really helps. Keep it simple!




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  • I did not get a chance to do the creamy ones in the instapot this week but I did make roasted brussel sprouts this evening. So easy and yummy.
  • Thanksgiving is coming up fast. What's your families favorites? This year I am going to try to prepare a Keto Thanksgving meal that EVERYONE ( Keto and not) will truly enjoy. Share what your family loves to have for special family meals. I will be making most of these meals in the next few weeks testing and tweaking them so that on the Big day everyone will be happy and full of yummy food. Ham Turkey Potatoes Greenbeans Asperagus Brussel sprouts Gravy Pumpkin pie
  • It's getting to be that time again.....the time of yummy food. It can be overwhelming to think about food when the Holiday season is upon us. It's easy (we've all done it!) to just throw in the towel and say I give up or I am gonna cheat (which is also OK to do if you can do it just one day and then get right back on track. Unfortunately NOT something I can do successfully). I am going to try to make different recipes before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Join me on this food adventure. Post your favorite recipe. Suggest one that we should try.