Mar 30



Let me try to answer some of the more common questions I get: Q: How do you do the Bear? A: With Love, Special Sauce and 11 Herbs & Spices. Q: Why does Jeff sound just like Red?

A: When you live with someone long enough you tend to sound alike.


Q: Do you work for Harbor Freight? (Or any other company)

A: No. I am the owner of Red Beard Studios and we are 100% independant. We will at times be sent free tools for evaluation but we do not allow that to influence our reviews. Q: Doesn't that make you a shill? Getting free stuff like that? A: Would getting some free stuff be enough to make you sell out? No? Me neither. Besides, if I did I would be clear to everyone. Also companies like HF don't want to work with shills. They know that viewers don't trust them so there is no value there. Q: How do I get in touch with you?

A: Use the contact link at the top of the page or post in the forum. If you have a question that you need me to answer personally I would ask that you consider makeing a donation before emailing me. I do read every post and every email but when it comes to responding there are only so many hours in the day. Q: Will you subscribe to my channel? A: No. I don't subscribe to channels I don't watch. I make my subscriber page public so that everyone knows who I watch and it would be disingenous for me to subscribe to channels I don't actually watch myself.


I will try to add to this list in the future.

New Posts
  • I Saw your video today and it appeared you thought the subject welder priced at $179 was not a great deal. And, that there were other better coupons out there. Well, I looked at: Brickseek, and HF coupon Database and could not find a better price. Can you direct me to a site that has a better price. Thanks, Bill
  • Hey jeff...just curious when you might find the time to do a review on some home depot cordless 18v tools. Ryobi..ridgid..not so much Milwaukee. Just curious...ive seen alot of hf and lowes products but not much hd. Also i cant wait to join up on the subscription on the channel. Keep up the good work bear.
  • It makes me sad that "herculean" is pronounced hur-kyu-LEE-un instead of hur-KYU-lee-un, because "Herculean cerulean" would be a great name for the iconic Hercules color.